How To Plant Cantaloupe as Big as Head

How To Plant Cantaloupe

Enjoying melons in the summer is something very extraordinary. But of course, the best melons can only be produced by planting your own melon tree. Let me tell you how to grow it. In order to grow a melon, you need the right combination of sunlight and water, plus, something that’s a little harder to … Read more

How To Grow Fennel Plants In The Garden

How To Grow Fennel

Fennel is a fragrant Mediterranean herb that belongs to the same family as dill, parsley, and carrots. It is commonly used in Italian cuisine, but it can also be found in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. The delicious yellow flowers, seeds, feathery leaves, pollen, roots, and stems have long been prized for their anise-like fragrance … Read more

How to Transplant Asparagus Plants for Beginners

How to Transplant Asparagus

from your plants. To transplant asparagus, you must wait until the plant is dormant. Use a shovel to feel around each asparagus plant for roots. Once you can get under the root system, gently pull up until the plant is free. Asparagus is planted in the ground with a garden fork or your hands. You … Read more

When To Harvest Corn And How

When to Harvest Corn

In the summer, farmers grow corn to make it available for their customers. If you’ve ever had corn on the cob, you know how delicious it is. Farmers’ markets and grocery stores sell fresh sweet corn, but people also use dried corn to make other tasty treats such as cornbread and tortillas. But when is … Read more